Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beehive Band

The Beehive class is coming over to my house tomorrow night for a music lesson. I spent the afternoon putting together a little book for them with chord charts and some simple songs. There are only four girls in the class, so each bee here represents one of them. I was so proud of my artwork, which I did from scratch, that I had to post it online to share it! I hope the lesson goes well tomorrow!


  1. Love the book! Love the art work! Bet the whole book shows up online on somebody else's blog. The only thing some people learn from teaching is how to plagerize (I mean appropriate).

    I am excited for the kids! (Party on)

  2. The art work is so much more than cute. I love it! You would be so perfect as my tole painting soulmate.

  3. Check out the family band page on the "If Thou Art Merry" blogpage :)