Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday School Class

I'm happy to say I now have a calling in the ward. I'm teaching the 16-18 year old Sunday School class. They are such nice kids that they even let me take their picture for my blog. We were missing about three kids today, but here are Lynsey, Nikki, Allie, Sammy, Joey, Matthew, Cassie and Michael. They are all way smarter than I am (curse you scripture mastery program!), but are polite enough not to point that out. It will be fun for me to get to know them. Our lesson today was "Who is My Neighbor?" We talked about the Good Samaritan. The title reminded me of Mr. Rogers, who sang "Won't You Be my Neighbor" every week. I wonder if they've ever heard of him. If not, that could be one thing I know that they don't!


  1. Why do we even have a first row? Nobody ever sits on it.

  2. Looks like you are going to have some new, fun friends in the ward!!!

  3. Wanted to let you to know, I am back. Thanks for deleting my posting.