Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flowers and Dinner

I went to the movies this afternoon with Miss Carol and her sister, Alice. We wanted to see the Iron Lady, but she left the theater this week, so we decided on Big Miracle instead. It was based on a true story about how millions of dollars were spent to save some gray whales stuck in the ice in Alaska. It was somewhat heartwarming, if you take out the strident Greenpeace girl, the exorbitant cost of the endeavor, and forget that the whales were not an endangered species, and that the Eskimos were perfectly willing to eat them if they couldn't get free.

I just had time to give Crystal her third guitar lesson today before I started dinner. She's doing great, and now knows 2 of the 10 songs I know. I don't think I'll be able to keep ahead of her!

Ed bought me a rainbow bouquet of flowers for Valentine's day. It came complete with chocolate, bath salts and a teddy bear! It is the perfect gift to brighten up February, which, despite being the shortest month of the year, often seems interminable!
I made Mediterranean Sea Bass for our Valentine's dinner, complete with leeks. I had never bought a leek before, but Lissy (my Germany Skype buddy) taught me TWO words for leek in German: Porree and Lauch. I thought that was a sign, so I bought some. We topped it off with  lime and rosemary butternut squash and garlic bread. It was so delicious, it was almost like going out to eat!


  1. Hmm... Leeks.... I'll have to try that.....sometime.

  2. I am happy that you had such a joyful Valentine's day.