Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Popovers, Beef Stew and Company

I had the sister missionaries over to dinner tonight, as well as Miss Carol. I had made some beef stew and thought I'd go all out and make popovers too. Boy, are they easy and delicious! Ed is out of town and I'm sorry to say they're all gone!

We had a lovely dinner, and Miss Carol told some stories and asked a lot of questions. She knows quite a bit about what missionaries do, as she reads Amanda's emails. She has talked to so many of her friends about what Mormons believe, and she decided to go right to the source and ask us a few direct questions. We were happy to oblige her!

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  1. We got about four inches of snow overnight. This morning is cold and wet. It's a perfect day for stew and popovers and those pop overs look delicious.