Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valiant 10 Class is Smart

I subbed in Primary again today, this time in my own ward. I taught the 10 year olds (Valiant). No offensive to the Sunbeams I taught a few months ago, but the Valiant kids are REALLY smart! They could teach the lesson themselves. It was fun teaching them. There were 2 girls, Celeste and Eden (right to left) and 2 boys, Connor and Andrew. Here they are sitting in singing time. Look how reverent they are! I'm glad Sister Dogbe was sick so I could get to know her class better!

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  1. Teaching primary and working on the newsletter. Sounds like you had a pretty busy day! Watching the game tonight? The trees were my least favorite. I kinda like the little gargoyle, but that;s the one Paul really doesn't like.

    Trees a blue because of the technique I was suppose to be learning. That technique works best with Winsor Newton Antwerp blue.