Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love Skype

Ed Skyped me from Australia every day this week. He's there on business, and there he is in front of the window in his hotel room in Sydney. It's almost like being there! I look forward to seeing him live tomorrow!

I also enjoy Skyping Lissy, my German Skype pen-Pal on Mondays. She is so fun and interesting to talk to. I like to think it is helping me with my German. It has definitely helped my comprehension, but speaking is another story!

Crystal Skyped me from Idaho this week and I even gave her a guitar lesson on Skype. It was so much fun! She learned how to play Blue Skies!

It would have been so great to have had Skype when Ed was out of town and I was home alone with little children. They would have enjoyed seeing their dad, and I would have had an adult to talk with! Better late than never, however! This is a great day to be alive!

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  1. Kinda makes you what kinda of things that we never thought we needed, but now we can't live without will be invented after we are gone.