Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pearl Strings Practice

We have some new member to the Pearl Strings this year. From left to right are June, Helen, Alisa, Barb R., LuRayne, Barb K. and Judy. That's a lot of Barbs! Barb R. and LuRayne are a great addition to the band, bringing new enthusiasm, as well as a strange harmonica-like flute instrument which I forgot the name of. Also in the picture are JoJo peeking over the stand and Kate in her Mom's arms. They're being raised on great music!

Our favorite song we worked on today was the Buffalo Gals Undergarments song! You can see the Gabardine Sisters perform it here

My friend, Ann is the  Gabardine Sister on the left, and the lyrics were written by her friend, Joyce, the Gabardine Sister in the black dress! I hope we can do the song as well as they did!

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  1. Loved the song. Makes me nostalgic for Prairie Home Companion.