Sunday, February 12, 2012

Work and Play

Ed built me some great new shelves in the basement yesterday! They were designed (by me) for the purpose of holding our sound equipment and musical instruments. Here he is after the work is done (holding my design in his hand). After finishing his carpentry work, he cleaned up to take me to the Chocolate Ball.
The ball is a fund raiser for the Carroll County public schools/ The theme was "An Evening in Paris." I'm on the Rose Ball (for the stake) committee again this year. I'm wondering if we could get some cool ice art like this!

The band was great if you wanted to dance. The  volume was loud enough to make us hoarse after trying to visit with members at our table. And just in case any members of the Pearl Strings are reading, what do you think about these outfits? I think we might also possibly look great in berets!

1 comment:

  1. The shelves look great. I have trying to get Paul to build me shelves downstairs. I think you would look great in a beret. I always loved the song 'Raspeberry beret." The ice sculpture is over the top!