Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crystal Found Some Raspberries!

Crystal got home yesterday! We went for a walk in the woods with Coda--looking for a good place for our picnic tomorrow. We found much more than that!

Crystal discovered a bunch of raspberry bushes along the fire road. Luckily I had a poop bag in my back pocket. Even luckilier, it was unused!

We got our legs a little scratched up going into the bushes for the berries. No wonder they're so expensive!

Coda sat in the tall grass and waited patiently for us. Maybe we'll give her a berry.

We got a whole bowl full of them. They're really tasty. Ed says he won't eat anything that isn't sold in the supermarket. He doesn't think it is natural to eat food off plants! We might twist his arm a little and make him try a few!


  1. Wow! Crystal has learned a lot about eating plants from trees/bushes. She's the expert! Have her make a raspberry pie :)