Sunday, July 1, 2012

Temple Magnets

I just can't stop inking dominoes! I made some refrigerator magnets with a picture of the Washington DC temple yesterday. I didn't have a rubber stamp to ink the temple on them, so I made my own temple drawing in Photoshop (by tracing a picture I had taken). Then, I painted acrylic medium on the painted magnets. I placed the laser printed copy of the temple (reverse image) face down in the acrylic medium. I let it dry for a few hour and then wet it and balled the paper off. The design stayed on magically! I also ordered some rubber stamps of my temple pictures. That will be a lot faster, but they won't come for a few weeks!


  1. ok. That's a little over-the-top-clever.

  2. Too Clever! I want to do that with some of my drawings. Where did you order the stamps from?