Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eldersburg Ward Celebrates the Fourth of July

We got up early to celebrate the Fourth of July with the Eldersburg Ward. Our new bishopric said they shouldn't have had to make the pancakes, as this was planned under the previous leadership. Nevertheless, the mantel fell on their shoulders, and they made some really great pancakes!
Bishop Gadberry is in the middle, with his counselors, Brothers Trusty and Stephens on either side.

Helen and I helped Mary lead the ward in a few songs before and after the flag ceremony. They sang great, and we even had some fun with doing actions to My Hat it Has Three Corners, and leaving out more words on each repetition of the song.

One of the boys in Primary caught several salamanders! I missed out on a lot of fun by only having girls!

Despite a 70% chance of morning rain, we had perfect weather, a nice turnout, and lots of great food!


  1. Maybe the grand kids will be bringing you salamanders.

  2. I always thought that Crystal was the salamander bringing type -- and what about Brittany? Doesn't she have a Masters in catching salamanders?