Thursday, July 12, 2012

Germany Books in the Nick of Time!

I finally finished our Germany books, and none to soon, as we leave in 5 days to pick up Amanda! There are 80 pages of text and pictures and another 24 pages of maps! I went to so much work that I really hope Crystal, Amanda and Ed read them. We'll miss Brittany on this trip, but I Photoshoped her into the family picture on the front cover anyway. Extra points for those of you that recognize this famous landmark in Berlin. Double points for Brittany if she knows where we were in the original family picture on the front cover!


  1. Only five more days? Will you be 'blogging' in Germany? I picked up 115 dominoes in Tuesday Morning yesterday. So I am ready to stamp.

    I just don't think mine will be as good as yours. The bails I got in the mail look kinda cheap and Paul had me return my new drill (never opened) because he already had a (not a nice as the one I ordered) Dremel.