Friday, July 27, 2012

Seiffen, Toy Town

We checked into the Seiffenerhof Hotel this morning and found out we finally had wireless internet again. We have had some troubles in all our hotels since Berlin. Fortunately, we've been able to get wired internet in the previous hotels, but that means all four of us have to check our email with my little netbook! Now, we can use our tablets again!

Seiffen is a famous toy-making town, and we've come here with the express purpose of shopping. This is where Crystal really excels, and she kept us moving! Everything closes at 5, which gave us exactly 5 hours to hustle through town and pick up a few souvenirs. We were able to catch of few of the workers putting on the finishing touches on some of the nutcrackers and smokers.

Ed and I posed like the kissing wooden figures in the toy window of the shop behind us. Then we split up to divide and conquer, and we sent Amanda and Crystal out on their own shopping, and Ed and I went a different way.This also meant that the old people could go slower. Yea!

We went out to eat at a great pasta place right on the main intersection of town. Not only was the pasta delicious, but they brought us a pitcher of ice water to go with the meal! That made it a 5 star restaurant in my opinion!

We're in our hotel at a reasonable hour again, and hope to catch some of the Olympics opening ceremony on TV tonight!


  1. Yea! You made it! Glad they knew the right way to serve ICE water!! :-)

  2. We will be watching the Olympics tonight too. Nice to know that no matter where you go there are shared experiences.

  3. Seiffen was my favorite as a kid! We went there so many times.... The toy-makers were always so nice and showed us kids what they were up to.

    1. Great Trip Report! I will be traveling to Seiffen in October. How was your Hotel? Where else did you eat? Make any friends? Thanks