Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Maiden Voyage of the Bush Kayak

I wish I had a nice name for our new kayak. Any suggestions? Maybe Banana Boat? Ed and Crystal took the first trip in it this afternoon. They started at the boat dock and met Coda and me at a predetermined area in the woods.

I hiked in with the picnic lunch, which mainly consisted of my famous parmesan chicken. Coda got a strawberry and some water.

It was a warm day, but Coda never complains about going for a walk, no matter how hot she gets!

Crystal and I switched shoes (she had crocs and I had her tennis shoes), and she hiked back out with the dog and I paddled back with Ed. She beat us home and had some ice cold lemonade ready for us when we got back!

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  1. So, Coda only got on strawberry? Brandy would not last long at your house. Last night we (me and Brand) shared some haagen dazs caramel cone.