Sunday, February 17, 2013

Runs Through Wedding

My nephew, Mason got married yesterday in the St. George Temple. His bride, Jenna had a beautiful custom made wedding dress made for her when she was in China. They both plan to return to China in a week to teach English for a year. 
Joan's family was all there, with the exception of one son, Joe, who is the Mission Training Center now. They all looked great decked out in their purple dresses, vests and ties.
It was so fun having Barbara and Annette there as well. I think we need to all retire to St. George so we can just have fun together.
To celebrate Mason's Assiniboine heritage the couple had a blanket ceremony at the reception, performed by Mason's father. 
Judea and Bobo looked so cute in their matching dresses with poofy skirts. They stole the show at open mic night at the reception! They had also done so much to help with the reception and the wedding. It is great to see how Joan's family works together to support one another. 
We enjoyed spending time with Joan's family. We went to bed late by Mountain time, but my internal clock keeps getting me up early on Eastern time! It's pretty exhausting even when you're not mother of the bride (or groom, in this case)! At least I have a month to rest up till my next nephew gets married in March!

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  1. Thank you, Judy, for for sharing pictures and your excellent commentary on the wedding festivities of this past weekend! As the mother of the bride, I think I'll be resting up for a while yet. :) It was wonderful to meet so many of Joan's family members. You are all such lovely, talented, and charming people and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and be entertained by you this weekend. Come again soon to visit us in beautiful southern Utah!