Monday, February 4, 2013

Purple Sunday

Half the people in church were wearing purple yesterday, and the Bushes were no exception. It's fun having a team in the Superbowl!

Coda didn't get to wear her purple to church, but she put it on it time for the game! She's a good luck mascot!

We invited some friends from church to watch the game with us. Since Ravens player Dennis Pitta is in our ward we thought we'd call it a Pitta party.

Bina brought her hand-made poster for the occasion.

And Helen brought a basket of Pitta chips!

I got this idea of making a chalkboard tray for cheese from watching the Today show!

In the end, the Ravens made us proud! We would have toasted with our sparkling grape juice, but by the time the lights came back on in New Orleans and the game finally ended, we were ready for bed and our company had already gone home! But, thanks to the Ravens for a great season! Here's to next year! Go Ravens!

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