Monday, February 11, 2013

Stringing Along

The first meeting of the Big Bush Basement Band was Saturday night. This is an open invitation to the youth in the ward and their friends to learn how to play guitars, ukuleles, or any other instrument. We started small with only Katie and Nadi, but it was so fun. They were so quick to learn and enthusiastic, as well! We're going to try to do it monthly, and hopefully, we'll grow as we keep doing it.

Helen came along and spent the evening re-stringing a couple of guitars. She doesn't even play them, but she is now an expert in stringing and tuning!

We plan on doing popular music, but started with Grandma's Feather Bed this week. That was popular when I was a teenager!

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  1. There are only three students in the acrylic class I am taking on Saturdays. For me that is great because I get a lot more attention than I would if the class was full... Not that I am very good. I need lots and lots of practice. By the way I measured you picture and it is 14x25 (inches).