Thursday, May 30, 2013

Farm Clean-Up

We had a group of Young Women and Young Men from church come over last night to help with a little bit of farm cleanup at Miss Carol's place.

They scraped trees to get them ready to paint.

They hammered loose nails into the fences.

And they picked up fallen sticks and tree limbs. Lenny wore his Dennis Pitta jersey. He's hoping Dennis (who is a member of our ward) will drop by to see the farm some day when he's not too busy with football.

They threw the sticks over the fence so the horses wouldn't trip on them.

It was so much fun that even Ed got into the act!

Andrew found a tiny frog and wasn't afraid to pick it up, either!

Everyone admired the farm. It was so beautiful. It was the perfect evening--warm, but not too muggy. The farm looked so pastoral, a magical little oasis in the middle of the neighborhood! We're lucky to live right next door!

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