Sunday, May 19, 2013

Old Friends (but not too old)!

Crystal and I went to church in Broomfield today. I remember why we love that ward so much! It is chock full of wonderful people! We stayed afterwards to visit with some of them. The chapel is quite old and we remembered thinking how dumpy looking it was when we first started attending church there. Now it just feels like home. We loved it.

Robin invited us over for dinner after church, and was nice enough to invite some friends over, so the visiting went on and on!
We had a great pasta bar, with garlic bread and salad and bundt cake for dessert! It was a true feast!

We've been in Maryland three years now, and the adults haven't changed a bit, but some of the kids have grown a foot taller!

We enjoyed sitting in the Reichman's new sunroom, which had windows on three sides. Rumor has it that it's just as beautiful during a snowstorm as it is on a sunny day. I would have stayed all night, but Crystal pointed out that perhaps it was time to leave.

We did make it back to Aunt Verlene's house in time for Crystal to finish her llama! Verlene is happy, thinking she has finally turned her niece into a painting soul sister!

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