Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pillows, Twisted Sisters and Highland Bookies

Crystal and I got up early and made it to Park Meadows mall by 9:30 this morning. Unfortunately, they don't open till 10:00 a.m.! But fortunately, they had one pillow to match the two we bought in Aurora yesterday. They looked so nice on her couch. Crystal has a real eye for decorating!

Crystal lent me her car for the day and I got to see not one, but TWO groups of my favorite friends. In Broomfield we piled the group formerly known as the Twisted Sisters into Lori's car and went out for Mexican food. We talked for hours. We had a lot to catch up on! It is so wonderful to be in the company of women you love and trust. The band was never really about the music. We always spent more time at our practices in group therapy than actually singing. It must have been successful, because we all turned out great!

The Highland Bookies met for dinner in Castle Rock. We hadn't met for so long that we decided to forgo reading a  book and just get straight to the chatting! Sheryl (on the left) told us she is getting married, and Diane (2nd from right) told us her husband was just called to be Bishop in their ward! Martha, in the middle, just finished her Ph.D. in Physical Therapy. I guess that means Nora, who we lovingly call Poindexter is no longer the smartest person in the book club! I love the Bookies so much. We've been redefining the classics  since 1996. And over the last 17 years we've also been redefining ourselves, hopefully, for the better!

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