Sunday, May 5, 2013

On to Happier Pastures

We said goodbye to Coco yesterday. One day she was perfectly healthy, and the next day she wouldn't move and wouldn't eat. The vet said there was nothing to be done for her, as she had a twisted intestine. Miss Carol was kind enough to call us so we could go see her one last time. It was pretty tough, as she was the horse with the sweetest demeanor! She passed away minutes before the vet was able to euthanize her. The barn won't be the same without her!

Here is a picture of her at her yearling show--in her glory days! She was born in 1987, and named Nemours Coco Chanel. Her sire was Helicon Hermes, and her dam was Nemours Royal Sprite. I hope there is a lush, green pasture waiting for her in horse heaven!

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  1. What a beautiful horse! I watched Nature last night on PBS. It as all about the lipizzaner stallions (spanish riding school-Vienna). Did you know that when they are born they are dark-about the same color as Coco and they do not turn white until about age six?