Monday, May 20, 2013

Shopping and Art

 Crystal was so proud of her llama that she decided to frame it. We got a beautiful mat and frame for it that really added to the look. We then spent a good portion of our day shopping for the perfect ottoman for her living room. Sadly, we came home empty handed on that score.

I did, however, in the course of our journy get to drive by the hospital where Crystal works, Children's Hospital of Colorado.

We joined my sister, Verlene, for the meeting of the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Decortive Painters Society. They meet in the training room of a sporting goods store!

Verlene is one of the younger members of the group and has been recruited to serve as vice president. She's hoping Crystal will join some day. You never know!

We got to hear a discussion on how to mix colors. I think I've got the color wheel down pat now! It's just like the circle of fifths. I think all the other ladies didn't learn anything new, but I did, and was glad I went, as much to meet Verlene's gracious friends as to learn to create a custom shade of brown.

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