Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Dog Like Brandy

We found a stray dog in my back yard after band. It looked just like my sister, Verlene's dog, Brandy. I felt like she was an old friend! Suzanne tried to help me find its home. We asked the mailman where the dog lived, and he told us he thought it lived on a street around the corner. I took the dog over there, but no one was home. I just left the dog on the front porch. This turned out to be a mistake....

An hour later a neighbor dropped by and told me the mailman said I had his dog. I did not have the dog, but we drove over to the house where I had dropped her off. Someone was home and said to try the neighbors behind them. They also have a golden retriever (the one the mailman sees regularly). We went to the neighbors, and they had found Roxy and put her in their back yard! Hooray! They day was saved and the dog was reunited with her owners!

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