Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday in Tucson

We started Sunday by attending Sacrament meeting in the Catalina Ward. They not only had a beautiful new building, but a real spiffy sign out front inviting people to worship with them. So, we did!

In the afternoon we went over to see Melissa's house. She is going to rent or sell it and move into Stephen's house. It is a terrific problem for a newlywed couple to have--too many houses.

We met Tom and Tina for dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Oro Valley. It was highly recommended, on the list of top 100 Chinese restaurants in the country. We ate as much as we could, but Tom and Tina are going to have a little leftovers after we leave tomorrow.

Tom and Tina have landscaped their back yard since I was last here. It was like a mini-botanical garden.

They might have a mini-botanical garden , but they have a maxi cat--Zipper, a Mainecoon. He was not very friendly, but it was fun listening to how he likes to shower with his owners. I'm surprised there's room for anyone else in the shower after the cat gets in!

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