Friday, March 21, 2014

Tea Time in Sykesville

Suzanne got together a group of friends to join her for tea, lunch and a scone-making class at Sweet Simplici-Tea in Sykesville. (visit their website at She was surprised to find out she had 8 friends, and they all wanted to come make scones!

After a cup of herbal tea (the blood orange was terrific), we got to work. We had wisely chosen the white chocolate chip recipe!

The other secret ingredient was 2 cups of cream (no butter to cut in). Robin, the store owner, had everything laid out ready for us to add the ingredients.

We divided into three groups of three, and patted our dough into a big circle. Robin told us not to worry about over-kneading it. It was a fool-proof recipe!

We cut our circles of dough into 18 scones so we could each take 6 home with us!

While the scones were baking, we ate quiche, cucumber sandwiches and tiny pieces of carrot cake. There was one unnamed member of the party waiting for the dessert course afterwards. She didn't realize we had already eaten it!

Lucky for her, we all had 6 yummy scones to take home with us. Strangely, my box only had 5! (At least that's the story I'm telling Ed!)

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