Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mother Daughter Day at Relief Society

The Relief Society had a mother daughter activity Tuesday night for all women 8 years old and up. What was the point of having 3 daughters if none of them lives at home with me anymore? Jen, on my left, has 5 sons, so we decided to be buddies for the night. We started out learning how to paint nails.

Then, we progressed to how to braid hair. I wish I would have had all these creative braiding options 20 years ago! I could have had so much fun on my girls' hair!

We then progressed to cake (and cupcake) decorating. The best part of that was eating our cupcake afterwards! 

We barely had time to finish a set of earrings in our short 15 minutes in that rotation!

At the end I practiced my new braiding skills on Jen. It looks like I could use some practice! Where are my daughters when I need them?

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