Friday, June 13, 2014

Booking it with Horse Soldiers

The Book it Sisters met at Janet's house last night to review Horse Soldiers. This was a book about the first special forces to arrive in Afghanistan. It was something we knew nothing about, and we all learned a lot from the book.

Janet had prepared middle eastern food and decorations for us to help us get into the spirit of the book.

Then, to take it to an even higher level, Butch cooked up an MRE for us, so we could experience the kind of food soldiers in the field eat. It was not too bad, but I wouldn't want to make a habit of eating it!

Butch also gave the ladies a private tour of his military museum in the basement. They were impressed!

We learned how to tie scarves around our heads to keep the sand out. It looks like we could use a little more practice. The first sandstorm that comes by would easily take our scarves with it!

The book told an interesting story, although it had so many people in it that it was hard to remember who was who. For a full review, check out our book club blog at

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