Monday, June 16, 2014

Turning on the Air Conditioner

Goodbye great outdoors! We turned the air conditioning on today, as the temperature was predicted to hit 90 degrees. This is the latest date to turn it on in the four years we've been in Maryland. We credit the cool, late spring that finally turned to summer. Also, spending the first 9 days of June in England didn't hurt, either.

I'll miss the nice breeze that flows from the front door to the back patio. Coda will miss seeing all the people and dogs walking by. She loves to protect us from them.

Hello, little box that dictates the temperature in our climate controlled house! As much as I like not sweating in the summer, I can't wait till fall when we can throw open the doors and windows and be at one with nature once more!

1 comment:

  1. If I have to ever move again, it's definitely going to be a home with central air conditioning installed. It's so much easier to open up all the windows and let that nice fresh air from outside flow through the house. Much too difficult when you've got window units in the way, and a pain when the colder months come along and you have to remove them all.