Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bye Bye, Bikes

Two in, two out. Yesterday I took two bikes to Goodwill so I would have room to hang our new bikes in the garage. I think they belonged to Crystal and myself. With three girls in bikes, I hardly know who's bike is who's.

The other three old bikes aren't much to brag about, but you never know when someone will come home and want one!

My friend,  Anne Pinkerton, reminded me of those golden days in Colorado when we formed a biking club. We called ourselves the Highland Angels.
We never did anything half-way. We even made t-shirts with our name and motto: Bikes, Babes and Bagels. The bagels part referred to stopping for a bagel sandwich for lunch. Good times! So good that Anne hasn't been able to part with her t-shirt!

Here are Anne, Judy and Bev on a beautiful fall day along the Highline Canal in Denver. I can't tell who the woman in black is! Can anyone help me out there?

I do know that this picture was taken in 1996, and that while I'm sentimental about my old friends, not so much about the bike. I expect to have many new happy memories on my sleek new bike, as well!

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