Monday, June 30, 2014

Cars and Communications

Yesterday Ed and I had some communication problems. It started when he got a note from Ife that her daughter, Celeste, had a friend in town and that Celeste would be going to church with her. So, we decided to pick up the kids in Ed's car rather than the larger Mazda. However, the friend was going to church with Celeste! They all piled in. We were comfortable in the front seat!

I told Ed if he needed me to catch a ride home after church I could do that. He said he'd rather go home and get the bigger car during Sunday School, which he did. He also left after church without me. I thought the bigger car meant there was room for everyone. He thought my visiting teaching meant after church meant I'd catch a ride. Fortunately, Mary bailed me out when I realized I was stranded! It just made me realize how imperfect the English language is to communicate our real thoughts and intentions!

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