Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, June

June has the BEST daughter and son-in-law. They love her so much that they brought over a birthday party for her last night. Although her birthday isn't till tomorrow, they knew band was meeting today, and thought it would be fun for us to eat cake with her.

After several hours of hard work recording our songs, we were ready to take a break!

June was able to blow out her musical candle with no problem. She was also able to figure out how to disassemble the candle to make it stop playing "Happy Birthday" into infinity!

This wasn't any cake, it was cheesecake! The best birthday, ever! Thanks, Kris and Rick! Thank you June for getting older. We're glad to be sharing the journey with you! Knowing you has enriched our lives! We admire you in so many ways, for your courage, your strength, your faith, your leadership, not to mention your beautiful voice! The list goes on!  We love you!

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