Sunday, June 1, 2014

Les Crue Funeral

June Crue's son, Les, passed away last week, and yesterday was the funeral. Although he had suffered from occassional seizures, his death took everyone by surprise.

It was inspiring watching how the Lord buoyed up June and her family during this difficult time. Her grandson, Justin, pictured with his mother Karen, and June are here at the Eldersburg ward building after the family dinner.

The Pearl Strings and our friend Judy Krieger bought some beautiful flowers for the service.

It was nice meeting June's sister, Linda and her family. The weather was beautiful, and the service was comforting and peaceful.

June's daughter Kris and her husband, Rick, are June's best support in all her trials. It is so wonderful feeling the love the have for each other.

June gave the life sketch at the funeral service, and left us with a real sense of who Les was. She stressed how much he loved teaching, and how he thanked her for teaching him how to live. She ended by inviting the congregation to sing with her as we sang Teach Me to Walk in the Light of His Love. Hearing June's voice coming through the mike as we joined with her was so moving. What a wonderful tribute to her son from a mother of great faith!

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