Friday, September 12, 2014

Back on the Bike

I started the day at the podiatrist, where I got a cortisone shot for a painful condition (Morton's Neuroma)  in my left foot that made walking seriously difficult. Ed suggested we ride bikes instead of walking today!

We went up to Towson to ride the Northern Central Railroad trail again. Last time we blew a spoke after 5 miles, but this time we had no problems. It was a beautiful day in the 70's and no humidity. The trail is shaded all the way by trees, making it the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

We biked 10 miles, then turned around and stopped at the 8 mile marker in Monkton for lunch. By then my rear end was ready for a rest!

The little general store had a surprisingly upscale menu. We enjoyed the red quesadillas!

Afterwards we stopped at the much-vaunted Amish Market, which I had been hoping to visit since we moved here. Ed didn't think there would be much that could interest him there, but he humored me.

We enjoyed seeing rainbow cake just like Amanda had in Germany.

It turned out there was something that interested Ed--chocolate eclaires! Any benefit we might have gained from riding our bikes 20 miles was quickly erased! It was a good trade-off!

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