Thursday, September 25, 2014

Carol Hackney Funeral

Miss Carol passed away in August, and her family came together from all over the country today to celebrate her life. She was 86 years old, and her obituary can be found in the Baltimore Sun at,0,4201266.story.

I picked up our neighbor Robley, and we met Ed at St. John's Episcopal Church in Reisterstwon, where Carol attended.

The service was great, and if Miss Carol were still here she would have enjoyed it immensely. We heard some personal stories from her family, as well as her pastor who knew her well.

Her niece, Julia led us in some great singing of Will the Circle be Unbroken, Angel Band, and Shall we Gather at the River. She had also written a beautiful song called Cold Saturday, after the stately family home Carol was raised in.

Her ashes were interred in the beautiful churchyard next to her parents. It's a lovely place for family and friends to stop by and enjoy the surroundings as we think of the good times we all shared with Carol.

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