Sunday, September 21, 2014

Down from the Mountains

We had a beautiful drive home this morning from Steamboat Springs. Every year we say the aspens are more beautiful than ever before. This year was no exception. The color was spectacular--yellow with red tips. You can see the rabbit ears on the top of the peak here as we drove over Rabbit Ears Pass.

I got to Barbara's house in time to help chop up the salad for dinner. We also had time to visit while we waited for Kent to get home from church. Verlene and Crystal also joined us.

Crystal brought her famous and delicious apple pie! That girl knows pie!

After dinner Barbara and I took a long walk around the neighborhood. It was nice to have the beautiful view of the mountains as a backdrop.

I came home to Verlene's house and helped her learn how to thread her new sewing machine. She said it was a cheap sewing machine, but it had a million dollar feature--a needle threader! It goes through the hole, grabs the thread and pulls it back through. I have to get one of those! I spend more time trying to thread the needle than I do sewing the actual project!

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