Friday, September 19, 2014

Up to the Mountains

Crystal and I met for breakfast early this morning. It was really dinner for her, as she had worked all night, but she had the skillet anyway. We went to Village Inn, because I miss their pancakes so much in Maryland. They did not disappoint!

Diane picked me up at Crystal's house and we drove to Highlands Ranch where we picked up Nora. She showed us her new house and her new exercise regime-hula hoop! She's turned into a real swinger!

We had a beautiful ride up to Steamboat Springs, complete with s stop at the factory outlet mall. In the afternoon we took a hike up to Fish Creek Falls. The weather was so perfect, in the high 70s and clear skies! I talked Diane and Nora into risking their lives by climbing into the river for this picture of us at the falls. It was so worth it!

We went to dinner at a new restaurant down by the river called Eureka! We all got the chicken Carbonara, which was delicious. We walked around the shopping area afterwards. The warm weather contrasted so much from last year when we had 8 inches of snow.

We took a test tonight to see who had read the most books off the BBC 100 best books. Nora was top dog with 50! Diane followed closely behind with 45. I brought up the rear with a measly 37. It's fun to hang out with smart people! I'll have to start reading my way down the list to catch up with them!

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  1. Thinking about you all this weekend. WIll look forward to joining you all again soon! Family from Australia start to arrive tomorrow! Wedding one week from today! Take care---Miss you!