Saturday, March 7, 2015

Amanda's Recital Day

Ed and I got up early and went for a walk to the mall this morning. It turned out that 30 degrees with a stiff breeze isn't quite as warm as we thought. Amanda and Nolan saw us walking in the cold and pulled over to give us a ride.

In the afternoon we stopped in for a visit to the world's largest accordion museum. It was pretty amazing, with over 1200 accordions.

Amanda's good friend, Helme, is the owner and also Amanda's accordion instructor.

Amanda and Nolan are both members of the accordion band, and they let me sit in this afternoon. They even gave me an accordion to play on! It was pretty fun, and made me wish I could join!

I went with Amanda afterwards to the beauty salon where she had her hair put in an up-do.

She finished up with a professional make-up application. It was fun to watch the transformation!

In the evening we joined 75 of Amanda's closest friends to hear her sing. We met so many of her friends from church, as well as Nolan's mom and dad. Even the accordion ladies showed up to cheer her on! Everyone was so welcoming and said such nice things about Amanda. Not the least of which was about her singing voice. She has and incredible voice, and it was so great to be able to hear her sing the songs she has been learning for the past two years. We were very proud parents!

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  1. She's IS amazing. Tell her I said congratulations.