Thursday, March 5, 2015

Knorr Brake Ausflug

Yesterday my business German class had a field trip to the Knorr Brake Company, a German firm based in Westminster, just a few miles from McDaniel College. They have a brand new plant, and even had a fancy sign on the TV screen welcoming us!

They are a large manufacturer of brakes and HVAC units for trains and subways. They wouldn't let us take pictures inside the plant, but this is one of their display units. Markus, on the right was the Center of Confidence officer for Engineering and Manufacturing. He was from Germany and gave us the tour in German. The vice president (next to Dr. Esa) only spoke English, and that was a nice break from thinking a listening really hard!

It was really interesting, and went along with what we're learning in class. The only downside was, they didn't serve us cookies at the end! What kind of a field trip was that?

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