Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ukulele Strap

I have long admired Jen's uke strap, and finally figured out a way to make my own. It would have been less expensive and quicker to just buy one, but not nearly as much fun!

The little hook goes under the uke and into the sound hole. It was fun picking out beads for the decorations. The bead behind the neck slides up and down to make the length adjustable.

The hook was the problem. I've been trying to buy a j-hook online for about 6 months now. No luck!

I finally found some heavy duty hook and eyes at Joann Fabrics, and bent the hook open a little. Then I dipped the silver metal hook into the vinyl coating so it wouldn't scratch the instrument. Voila! Judy's own uke straps were born! If the vinyl doesn't wear off it will be perfect!


  1. Great! My only concern would be whether or not the plastic dip will harm the uke finish.

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