Monday, March 16, 2015

Gray Day for Bells

It rained all day Saturday in Ocean City. The ocean looked ominous, and it made it difficult for Ed to get a walk in along the boardwalk. He had to punt and go to the mall!

I was safely ensconced inside the convention center with all my bell ringing friends. We had a nice view of the ocean out the back window.

Our group met with our families at lunch at the Dough Roller across the parking lot. Trish tried to convince Ed to buy me a set of bells so we could use it for church. She was unsuccessful.

In the afternoon we gave a concert for our friends and families. Thanks to Ed for being one of them and for taking our picture! It is difficult to get a group of 500 people to play together perfectly, but we all ended at the same time on every piece, and I call that success!

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