Friday, March 6, 2015

Amanda's View of Duluth

We picked up Amanda from the University this afternoon and checked into our very lovely home away from home--the Residence Inn in Duluth.

We enjoyed seeing all the sights of Duluth from the point of view of the bride-to-be. We started at the Moorish room, where Amanda and Nolan will have their reception in May.

The room has a beautiful Moorish motif, and lovely paintings on the walls.

We stopped by at the Superior Dance studio where Amanda and Nolan are taking some lessons so they can really kick up their heels at the wedding. Ed and Amanda tried out a few of those steps.

We got to see the cool vault where the decorator keeps all her beautiful items.

We tryed out a few desserts at the bakery where they are getting their wedding cake.

We ended up the day by having dinner with Amanda and Nolan at Va Bene, the restaurant where they got officially engaged. It has a beautiful setting along Lake Superior. The food was great, and the back story about them being alone in the restaurant during a blizzard made it even more fun!

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