Saturday, August 22, 2015

Baby Maby Goes Home

I found John in the hospital bed with Brittany when I showed up this afternoon. They were cuddled up with a sleeping baby watching The Maltese Falcon.

They let me take a turn holding her for a while. Everyone wants to hold the baby!

The hospital food is not very good, so John and I picked up sandwiches at Pot Belly Sandwich Shop and took them back to eat while Brittany ate her hospital food.

After dinner we dressed up Mabel in her going home outfit with the purple striped leggings. What a sweetie!

Then we packed her in her car seat. It is so big for her now!

The nurse wheeled them down to the lobby and we had John bring the car around.

When we got to Brittany and John's home we found the cat in the cradle! The cats were a little confused about the baby, but steered clear for the most part.

We passed the baby around a little more before I came home to Grandma's house. This is John's "Have you ever seen anything so cute?" look. Little Mabel has stolen our hearts!

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