Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday with Family

My nephew Joe and I, who is also staying with Grandma for a couple of weeks, attended church with my mom today.

Joe's fiancee, Stephanie, joined us after church for a great roast beef luncheon. I feel bad that I'll miss their wedding in September.

They seem well matched, musically, at least. They sang a hymn for us, which was beautiful.
At Brittany and John's house I found Mabel sleeping peacefully, something she apparently hadn't done the night before!

John strapped on the baby and we went for a turn around the block. It was a beautiful day for it, but we wore Brittany out with our enthusiasm for exercise.

When we got home I got to hold Mabel, but John had to make do with a cat.

Mabel wore the cute sheep outfit Crystal had stitched for her.

Aunt Annette and Uncle Kent dropped by to see the baby. They are much more experienced in babies than we are, having 17 grandchildren of their own.

John tossed together some stir fry for dinner for us. I got some good ideas from him on how to spice my veggies when I go home.

I feel a little guilty leaving Brittany and John alone at night. I well remember those sleepless days with a new baby and wish I could be there to help them through those difficult nights! I'll be sleeping well
at Grandma's tonight!

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