Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Temple trip and Baby's Night Out

I took a new walking route this morning, and came upon this beautiful scene of the Salem Pond with the mountains behind it and the ducks in the foreground. It makes it look like my mom lives in some kind of paradise.

Mom also has some of the nicest neighbors. A large group of them went to the Payson temple with us this morning.

It is unbelievable that a little town like Payson has such a large and beautiful temple. It was so fun seeing the inside of it. It made me want to go home and redecorate my home.

To cap off a nice morning we went out for Tsing Tao for Chinese food afterwards.

Then, I went to Brittany's house to see my little pea pod, Mabel. They had her sleeping in a swaddle suit. It's like a straight jacket for babies, but she seemed to love it. She had a big day, with her first visit to the doctor today. She came out long and lean on the charts.

When John got home we all went out to dinner together at Malawi's Pizza. The adults loved it. Mabel will never remember her first night on the town, as she slept right through the whole thing!

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