Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mapping Our Walk

Ed took the dogs out with me this morning to map and label the Fire Trail. When Suzanne and I talk about where something happened (like a big tree falling down in the path) we never quite know how to describe where it happened.

We started on Tally Ho Court.

Then we popped into the forest and released the hounds (okay, just one of them). The little black dog has a tendency to chase deer and has to be kept on a leash the entire time.

It was great to have Ed along with his clipboard to map exactly where we were.

The walk was almost 6 miles, and the dogs were tuckered out when we got home.

Here is the map. It was a big loop, ending on some city streets. The part in the top left was not a loop, but up and back on the same road. Everywhere it's green we're in the woods, where in the summer it's about 10 degrees cooler than the open streets.

Bring your dog over and join us sometime!

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