Monday, August 31, 2015

Last Day in Provo

We spent our last day house hunting with Brittany and John. This was our favorite for the day. It was built in 1960, but was very nice inside and had been kept up-do-date.

The neighbor's dog joined us as we discussed the pros and cons in the front yard. We felt so at home that Brittany and John put in an offer, which was accepted this evening! We're pretty excited.

We met Aunt Annette for lunch at the Black Sheep, where I had a yummy Navajo taco. You can't get that in Maryland!

Mabel slept through lunch in her infant seat.

We also stopped at a chocolate bar where we had a tasting of chocolate bars and flavored vinegar. That was pretty upscale, but interesting. Who knew that specialty vinegar is all the rage?

Mabel slept through the chocolate tasting, as well!

We got Grandma an early birthday present--a new front door handle and lock. It was really a present for Grandma's house guests, as the old mechanism requires more skill than most of can master. We'll have to wait for Ed to come out in October and install it!

We celebrated our last evening with Joe and Stephanie and coconut cream pie.

I'll have enough time tomorrow morning for one more hug of Mabel before I fly home to Maryland!

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