Sunday, August 30, 2015

Three Grandmas

Crystal and I went to church with Grandma today, and had a giant salad lunch afterwards. We felt so healthy, as Crystal and I walked the mile to and from church, as well.

John's parents invited us over for dinner, and had a wonderful spread of pot roast and fixings. We enjoyed the berry cobbler dessert, as well.

We enjoyed getting to know John's brother, Peter, a little. He's a baby lover, just like John.

Mabel looked so cute in her Sunday dress. I was happy to get to hold her, as I only have one more day with her till I go home.

Grandma Marti is a real baby lover, and I'm glad Brittany has her in town to help her, as I'll be so far away. She's probably much better, because she's a seasoned grandma and knows the ropes. All I have going for me is enthusiasm! I love being a grandma!

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