Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ensign Peak

Ed and I climbed to the top of Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City today. It's been something we've been meaning to do for some time now!

There is a park and a trail above the capital that winds it's way up to the top. It's .47 miles up, and pretty steep. It was also pretty hot outside! (Not a great combination!)

When you get to the top it has view on all sides. Brigham Young and 8 other men climbed up there two days after entering the valley to survey they land from above. I imagine they were also hot and thirsty by the time they got to the top!

There is a monument erected at the top to commemorate the occasion. We had a nice visit with a group of new friends that came all the way out from Australia to see this (as well as Yellowstone, and a lot of other sites).

It was good for us to start to learn about the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City, and this was a perfect place to do it from!

Afterwards we stopped for lunch at our favorite little restaurant in the Avenues, The Straw Market, where for the amazing price of $7 you can get an omelette with hash browns and a homemade cinnamon roll, to boot!

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