Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hugo Shower

We had a virtual shower for Amanda and baby Hugo Saturday. We did a video hangout with Amanda and Hugo in the hospital in Iowa City.

Sadly, for Amanda, we had all the food here! Clementine even came over to join in the fun!

Crystal and Verlene called in from Denver. They also had snacks, so we all got to eat in front of Amanda!

Brittany, my sisters and my mom all met in Alpine. Cousin Abby also joined the video call!

We got to see baby Hugo and had a tour of his beautiful gigantic hospital room!

We had a little fun watching Amanda guess flavors of baby food by sampling them. She was revolted by the peas! Who wouldn't be?

Afterwards we had some cookies to celebrate my Mom's 89th birthday! We're so grateful to have her be a part of our lives still. She even drove up to my house for the party!

It has been one of the nice things about being in Utah--to be able to be closer to family and enjoy one another's support!

We hope Amanda felt our support over the air waves! Best wishes to her, Nolan and little Hugo!

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