Sunday, September 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy 89th birthday, Mom! We may have just taken you to Chuck-a-Rama yesterday, but it's because we're saving up for a big, big, big celebration next year!

My sisters, minus Verlene in Colorado, met with my mom and sister in law for dinner last night to celebrate Mom's big birthday! Joan's family also joined us, as they were so happy their mom was up from St. George!

The buffet staff brought us a nice piece of birthday cake and sang a birthday song for Mom! It was very festive, and very noisy!

Joan had to leave before we took one last selfy! We had a wonderful time, but left feeling we could never do enough to express our love, appreciation and admiration for our Mother, who was the epitome of patience for 40 years, as she raised 7 children! (She still is that way today!)

We love you Mom!

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